Our Programs For Kids

PBC is a complete preschooling sector for children in the age of 2 to 5 years. The PBC playschool caters the children in the toddler playgroup, nursery, LKG & UKG. These programs differ from level to level and program based activities are conducted to develop the skills of children in the play group sector.

PBC playschool has an exclusive for younger preschooling kids to develop a habit of meeting new people, making friends, along with basic mannerism. This basic development needs a child in the playgroup age is what we cater to.

Storytime session

we make children learn through visual content and images that help them to directly connect to the thoughts.

Sharing & Caring

A child is made to learn basic values such as caring & sharing. Interactive sessions are taken up to develop the communication and interacting skill at an early stage. 

Sand play

This program helps in developing the fine motor skills in a child. It develops a search behavior in the child and drives him towards the feeling of achievement. 

Fun with toys

the activities conducted in this preschool activities target the young mind to reap out curriculum based results using different toys.