Our Curriculum Advantage

Children between the ages of 0 – 6 years have immense capabilities to learn and our curriculum ensures that each child is exposed to an environment that aids in its development. This is achieved through the combination of the essential component such as:


child curriculumtrained teacherlearning materialschild assessment
CurriculumTrained TeacherLearning MaterialChild Assessment




· Emphasis on key areas like sensor – motor, personality, language, and recognition

· Constant evolution with the implementation of new practices and procedures.

· A structured environment with specially designed learning material

Learning material
learning material

· Scientifically designed material with specific learning objectives.

· Learning through a process of exploration and discovery.

Trained teachers
trained teachers

· Intensively trained teachers by academic experts

· Hands-on activities with all the educational materials used in the preschool.

Child assessment
child assessment

· Observation, recording & assessment to ensure that every child meets the development objectives.

· Providing a foundation for constructive feedback for the parents on the overall development of the child.