About Us

Pebbles Pre School

We believe in the concept of quality education which helps the little minds to grasp easily, hence we believe in practical learning as the doing and learning give the effective way of learning.

Who we are?

Pebbles kids corner is the brand of Kreedo Curriculum enterprises. This curriculum is being followed by 1000 schools around 340 cities – the national leading preschool education provider.

What do we do?

We are concerned with the quality education at the early development of children and introduce them to structured learning through a systematic and innovative way.

Where we are?

Our first session of the day starts with practical learning rather than classroom session. Here all the age groups children will work together, hence even the child will learn how to respect elders and how to treat youngers.

Which age group is the solution targeted at?

The preschool solution is meant for children belonging to the 2 years to 6 years age group. We have broken up the solution such that the learning of the kid is targeted perfectly. The first offering is for the age group of children between 2 years to 4 years. The second offering is for children between the age group if 4 years to 6 years.

What is the methodology we have?

The curriculum is based on didactic educational material that has been designed to teach children various concepts. These are learning aids that help the child understand various concepts and develop their skills. The majority of the concepts are taught with wooden educational material rather than books. It is not a traditional classroom concept of having benches and desks and having a teacher teaching with the blackboard. The methodology is to have a classroom where the materials are arranged in such a way that children will work with the materials and while doing so learn and develop various skills at their own pace.

We take the kids to field trips based on the theme of the month.

Our curriculum is recognized as one of the best ways of structured learning process national wide as it helps the child to learn practically without stress. it has been proved worldwide that capacity for a child to absorb concepts and learning is highest during these years. So, it is very necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years.